Cooking Japanese in NYC with robatayaki

Japanese food in NYC is incredibly popular. A New York City restaurant offering the best sushi can be booked for two days straight, particularly if they use the robatayaki grilling method. When you want the best Japanese food in NYC, try something different. Try a New York City restaurant that serves the best sushi and robatayaki.

What is robatayaki?

Robatayaki, or robata, is essentially a big grill set in such a way that allows patrons to sit around the grill and watch the food be prepared. “Ro” actually means hearth or fireplace. Robatayaki allows diners to be a part of the cooking process. That bond is important to a New York City restaurant owner, particularly when offering Japanese food in NYC. Robatayaki allows a big display of showmanship to become part of the process of cooking Japanese food in NYC. The best sushi restaurants want to make you feel like you are part of the feeling and atmosphere they are creating.

A New York City restaurant seeks to recreate the experience of visiting a real restaurant in Japan, complete with the noise and hustle-and-bustle that comes with cooking in the robatayaki style. Grilling all the ingredients together optimizes the flavors and taste that you can expect when eating the best Japanese food in New York City. The ingredients are on display, which also allows robatayaki to lend a sense of openness and honesty to the process of cooking Japanese food in NYC.

Robatayaki aims to make you, the diner, feel like you’re part of the process of creating the best sushi. Robatayaki is more than just cooking when it comes to the best Japanese food in NYC; it is creating art.

Japanese food menu

Robatayaki lends itself to cooking a variety of Japanese food in NYC. A Japanese food menu reflects this diversity and allows itself enough options to appeal to a variety of diners. There are main dishes, cooked on the grill or otherwise, with options designed to appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike. A Japanese food menu offers options that are incredibly healthy, being low in fat and high in protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. The nutrients that you get from the best sushi on a Japanese food menu can round out even the pickiest eater’s diet.

When you are choosing the best sushi from a New York City restaurant, you should give robatayaki a try. It’s an experience unlike any one you’ve had before and you’ll be amazed at how at home and included you feel in the cooking process.