Authentic Japanese bar and grill

A Japanese barbeque is used in the robatayaki cooking method. Robatayaki is a method of cooking authentic Japanese food designed to put restaurant patrons right in the heart of the cooking experience. Diners can watch their food being cooked from the seats around the grill and sushi bar. Being able to watch your food be prepared provides a sense of openness to the meal.

Robatayaki on a Japanese barbeque can be used for just about anything. The grill and sushi bar displays a variety of ingredients right in front of you and some authentic Japanese restaurants allow you to simply get the chef’s attention, point at the ingredients you want, and watch him put them together in a delicious meal for you. Robatayaki is a fairly popular method of cooking some of the best Japanese food in New York City.

About the grill and sushi bar

Some patrons may have concerns about Japanese barbeque. Since there are a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients, cooking different meals on the same surface may create problems for people with food allergies. However, with the increasing popularity of robatayaki style cooking on a Japanese barbeque grill, chefs have taken great pains to ensure safe dining for all patrons. The grill is cleaned frequently on a regular basis and foods with high allergy potential are sequestered and cooked thoroughly.

Why is cooking on the Japanese barbeque such a draw?

Patrons love being able to watch their food be created. After all, authentic Japanese food isn’t just cooked; it’s created. The best Japanese food you’ll ever eat has centuries of culture and history in each bite, making you feel like you’re part of it, too. Cooking the best Japanese food on the Japanese barbeque optimizes the succulent flavors of each ingredient used. The grill and sushi bar gives you an authentic Japanese experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

A New York City grill and sushi bar attracts a lot of authentic Japanese culture enthusiasts who want to experience the best Japanese food they can get without traveling all the way to Japan. The Japanese barbeque gives them that experience while providing the best Japanese food available. Using only the best ingredients, robatayaki on a Japanese barbeque will change everything you thought you knew about sushi.