The best Japanese restaurants in New York City

Japanese food is an incredibly popular form of dining in New York City. Sushi in New York City has grown into a phenomena and there are Japanese food restaurants popping up on every corner. However, the best Japanese restaurants are a little more exclusive. Located in the heart of Manhattan, visiting the best Japanese restaurants once will make your Japanese food experience entirely different. You’ll never look at sushi in New York City the same way again.

The Japanese food menu

Different types of sushi at the best Japanese restaurants offer different and unique flavors. An average Japanese food restaurant will throw together a few sushi rolls and give them different names, but you’ll never be sure what the difference is in terms of the taste. When you find the best Japanese restaurants, you will experience fully optimized flavors and amazing tastes that you never thought existed in the world of Japanese food. As you try different types of sushi, you begin to learn what types of sushi you like the best. These flavors are an integral part of making that realization.

Private dining room and catering options

The best Japanese restaurants are popular places to hold parties. Since sushi in New York City is such a favorite of many native New Yorkers, it is common for them to book personal events at the best Japanese restaurants. However, personal events should offer more privacy from the rest of the Japanese food diners. Making your private dining event special is something that the best Japanese restaurants care about very much.

Offering a private dining room solves that problem. Fitting up to as many as 30 people and offering a great menu, your private dining event will feel as special as it would if you were holding it at home.

The best Japanese restaurants offer amazing event catering as well for parties of 30 or more. As long as your event catering requests are placed with at least 24 hours’ advance notice, you can pick up enough food to feed a whole party. An event catering menu offers the same amazing Japanese food as they do at the best Japanese restaurant’s location.

Having an amazing event catering menu is something that the best Japanese restaurants have going for them. Sushi in New York City should always be of a certain quality, taking advantage of its amazing tastes and flavors. Just because you are using event catering doesn’t excuse your sushi in New York City from being less than amazing. The best Japanese restaurants realize that and will give you the same quality food you would receive if you were eating in the Japanese restaurant itself.